The main Triangle reflects the complexity; infiniteness; perfection; image; and the eternity of the Lord. Reflected within this logo is also the complexity of every human being and the diverse spheres he or she possesses. Just as the countless numbers of geometrical shapes are embedded in this logo, so also are we too created and expected to remain embedded within Him in order to grow in and express Him to the rest of the world around us. It is only through our intentional Willingness, Dedication, Devotion, Commitment; Readiness; and Surrender can we grow in the desire of becoming like Him. When we do so, we are continually equipped and empowered to freely surrender to His call and prompting to truly and sincerely experience His ongoing and relentless grooming—making us His eternal habitation. Indeed, we are a work in progress—slowly marching to His own rhythm with the sole purpose of becoming like Him in time. He infuses the whole being (i.e., Body, Soul, and Spirit) of the readily willing with Himself. To arrive at this stage or state in our own lives is to grant to Him the UNRESTRICTED freedom and OPPORTUNITY to fashion within us His eternally divine qualities.

In the event these are our own individualized as well as combined experiences, not only do we become better/excellent representations of who He is to all others, but also serve as a globally powerful canvas through which others not only perceive and experience His eternal paintings, but also gain excellent access to the Contents of Mother Nature’s Library. Indeed, through us, all others will get to know who HE TRULY IS: THE MAKER; CREATOR; AND THE SOLE OWNER OF THE WHOLE INTERSTELLAR SYSTEM. As such, our most primary objective at the IIHFD is to use the resources that are available to us at the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA) to provide Transformational Development Education (TDE) to those children, youth, as well as adults he brings our way—grooming and producing men and women who will grow affluent in His qualities.