Dr. Adjibolosoo Speaks on the Human Factor at Kibabii University in Kenya

Kibabii University host Bungoma County Government Seminar on ECDE

Kibabii University host Bungoma County Government seminar on Education and Vocational Training Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) skills. The event started on August 9, will end on 14 2018. Guest speakers are: Prof Senyo Adjibolooso of Point Loma Nazarene University (USA) and Dr. Lynn Kisembe of Moi University. Dr. Betty Mayeku, County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Education and Vocational Training made a seminar opening address.

Topics of discussion are:

  1. The republic of Kenya basic Education Curriculum
  2. Toddler needs and behavioral problems. Understanding the significance of the Whys of Early Childhood Development and Education
  3. Educating Educators of Toddlers: The human factor perspective
  4. Fostering self-esteem through high quality learning experiences: Certain significant issues in toddler development, challenges and how to handle them
  5. Children’s perceptual set and their future quality of life: Implications for teaching and learning effectiveness
  6. Teaching strategies for the effective ECDE teacher: Excellence in classroom management, motivation and discipline
  7. Curriculum and teaching mandate: Grooming children for honest and compassionate leadership
  8. The human factor based Transformational Development Education (TDE) model: Teacher responsibility towards learner success
  9. Attaining and sustain long term greatness: the role of personal preparation and readiness
  10. The role of members of the government-Kenya: Role in education reform and new direction for African renaissance