Get insight and ideas from the world's foremost authority on the Human Factor perspective

This powerful lecture series will help you discover and redefine the meaning and qualities of true, sustained leadership effectiveness in today’s Global Village. Attend the Human Factor Lecture Series in person or register for an online webinar.

Lecture Series Topics

The Human Factor Lecture Series evolves as new applications of the Human Factor perspective emerge. Below are some of the topics we are formulating for upcoming lecture series content.

  • The role of spiritual capital in leadership effectiveness: Its meaning, implications, and relevance to human effectiveness in organizations and the social institutions.
  • The role of moral capital in leadership effectiveness: Developing the knowledge, understanding, qualities, and abilities for effective moral leadership.
  • The quality of the Human Factor in effective human resources development and management.
  • Educating effective leaders at all levels for organizations and the social institutions.
  • Developing executive leadership qualities and abilities.
  • Human Factor-based education programs and activities for transcending spiritual and moral leadership failures.
  • Cultivating leadership effectiveness and transforming teams for breakthrough results.
  • The children and youth of today: Where they fit in the leadership development programs of today.