Putting a Smile on Every Child’s Face


At the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA), one of our greatest sources of joy is doing everything possible to put a smile on every child’s face. For this reason, it is our belief that every parent and adult must focus on guiding children along a path of moral leadership. It is important to note that children who do not understand the significance of listening and following directions have already abandoned the path of principle-centeredness.

Leading a Child to Principle Centeredness

A child that is unable to follow a set of rules will be led along down a route of negativity.  When this is the reality in your home or anywhere, intentional words and acts of guidance are the best practice to encourage a child’s return to principle centeredness.

True and long-term reform requires paying personal attention to emotions and a human factor education. It is necessary to do everything possible to walk alongside any child who reveals signs of having forsaken the path of honest living. To succeed, don’t forget to educate the child in love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. Throughout their youth, an adult should continue to offer opportunities to discuss feelings of acceptance, help, and care. These discussions directly impact a child’s ability to understand the people around him or her for the benefit of society.

The Importance of Non-Cognitive Skills

The importance of a child learning such principles to guide his or her life will create a better quality of life for all future generations. Focusing on the development of non-cognitive skills will aid every individual in his or her future endeavors. These non-cognitive skills include character, personality and conduct.

  • Character: A child with good character is able to conduct himself or herself in society with integrity and humility.
  • Personality: A child’s personality includes an innovative spirit and resilience that helps him or her to become a successful leader.
  • Conduct: Children conduct themselves with respect and can effectively communicate to benefit everyone they interact with.

Children must be nourished with both physical and mental outlets to receive a proper human factor education. Encouraging the development of overall growth is the key to a well-rounded individual. An ethical leader must be groomed as such from the beginning of their life and will continue as they mature into adulthood.

The Human Factor Lecture Series

Children only learn what the adults around them can teach them. The Human Factor Lecture series will assist anyone in developing their principle-centered and moral leadership. The lectures give to people within organizations and social institutions the opportunity to discover sustained leadership effectiveness.

The Human Factor lecture series discusses sustained leadership and its practical applications. Some topics included in the series are spiritual and moral capital, developing executive leadership and how children can benefit. Using the principles discussed in the series can reshape current leaders to help the members of the next generation to develop these skills.

Contact the IIHFD today to schedule a personalized lecture series taught by Dr. Senyo Adjibolosoo and discover the meaning and qualities of true, sustained leadership effectiveness.



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