The Seeds of Good and Evil

When spread across the mind of children, the seeds of good and evil are strategically positioned to sprout, grow, and thrive in their hearts and minds. These fertile fields are open to any of these seeds as long as adults in the children’s lives grant the required permits to any others who desire to farm and seed the children’s deepest core of inner being. Preceding generations are a direct reflection of how previously planted seeds have impacted the character growth as young children. As adults we must be able to teach the next generation how to create a successful future for themselves and those around them.

Developing Principle-Centered Leadership Through the Human Factor

The good news, however, is that we at the International Institute for Human Factor Development (IIHFD) are committed to scrutinizing and vetting those who vie for the right to cultivate the expansive territories located within the hearts and minds of the children who come to us. The fields should not be filled with the evil that encompasses many adults, but with compassion and forgiveness. At the Human Factor Leadership Academy, we guide our students to personal and professional success by teaching principle-centered leadership. The lessons our students learn contribute to the effort of creating a harmonious civil society for all.

A Commitment to Quality Education

We are committed to planting, nursing, and nurturing the seeds of love, grace, compassion and forgiveness. A proper education can contribute to high moral and ethical leadership behaviors within children and will continue to develop as they mature. By focusing on nurturing these traits, we are poised to experience long term tranquility, security, safety, and the sure chance to thrive in the spiritual, moral, and physical domains of life.

Our Transformational Development Education (TDE) program focuses on nurturing cognitive skill development and human factor qualities in the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to focus on guiding children to use principle-centered leadership throughout their lifetime for the greater good of society.

A quality education is vital to preserving the long-term success of this generation and those that come after. Contact Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo to learn more about how our educational programs can strengthen the next generation of honest and compassionate leaders.