Sportsmanship on the Track


Kenyan runner Abel Mutai was just a few feet from the finish line, but became confused with the signage and stopped, thinking he had completed the race. A Spanish runner, Iván Fernández Anaya, was right behind him and, realizing what was happening, started shouting at the Kenyan to continue running. Mutai didn’t know Spanish and didn’t understand. Realizing what was taking place, Fernández pushed Mutai to victory.

A journalist asked Ivan, “Why did you do that?” Ivan replied, “My dream is that someday we can have a kind of community life where we push and help each other to win.”

The journalist insisted “But why did you let the Kenyan win?” Ivan replied, “I didn’t let him win, he was going to win. The race was his.” The journalist insisted, and again asked, “But you could have won!” Ivan looked at him and replied, “But what would be the merit of my victory? What would be the honor in that medal? What would my Mother think of that?

Values are passed on from generation to generation. What values are we teaching our children? Let us not teach our kids the wrong ways and means to WIN. Instead, let us pass on the beauty and humanity of a helping hand. Because honesty and ethics are WINNING!

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