New Uniforms Keep the HFLA Marching Forward

In 2016, IIHFD founder Dr. Adjibolosoo shared the idea of a marching brass band for the HFLA kids with Stephen Bothwell, who loves and enjoys brass band music as well as other associated activities.

Driven by his desire to share this passion with HFLA students, Stephen worked relentlessly to acquire new uniforms for the band. Meanwhile, Sandra Scherf provided two band major uniforms, which are more intricately designed than a standard uniform.

Through Stephen’s and Sandra’s effort, devotion, and commitment, HFLA children wore their own official unique brass band uniforms for the very first time in 2018. They proudly inaugurated these precious new uniforms on March 6, impressing staff, students and the people of Akatsi during their performance as part of Ghana’s 62nd Independence Day celebration.

Since then, the entire faculty, teaching staff and student body are committed to working together, hand-in-hand, to make the HFLA brass band the pride of the whole global village.

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