Our Unflinching Belief and Conviction about Children

At the International Institute for Human Factor Development (IIHFD), it is our unflinching belief and conviction that every child, regardless, has everything required to succeed and excel anytime. A child has the ability to learn what adults have greatly misunderstood. All children could gain much more by having access to an education that focuses on having an entrepreneurial spirit and growth through personal development.

Human Factor Education

A human factor education will contribute to a child’s ability to become a compassionate leader in society. Our educational programs in Ghana at the Human Factor Leadership Academy create ethical leaders and will continue to assist in the development of moral leadership.

Preventing growth in these areas will lead to a future generation that does not focus on compassionate leadership, which creates nations focused on the negative aspects of society. Many people are unaware that these principles are responsible for raising individuals to become a part of a better future. One of the most debilitating hindrances children face is a gallery of people who are clueless of why it is imperative to accept, embrace, nurture and educate children on moral leadership. Those who are led to the most propelling path will become an individual that leads a life of ethical leadership.

The Importance of Principle-Centered Leadership

It is along this path they learn and become educated on the importance of leading a life with morals and ethics. They grow affluent in and beam with love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. The flourishing of these four eternal qualities within a child leads to the creation of help, caring, security, tranquility, and hope within their hearts and minds. These children become the principle-centered leadership that develops communities and builds nations whose primary hallmark is tranquility.

The communities that are developed through these principles are successful and contribute greatly to the areas that surround them. A society that focuses on a child’s ability to learn and grow with compassionate leadership can create many individuals that have an entrepreneurial spirit and will succeed.

Focusing on non-cognitive skills as much as cognitive ones will contribute to personal and professional success throughout their lifetime. Taking time to thoroughly develop both skill sets will lead children to use principle centered leadership for the communities’ gain.

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