Human Factor
Leadership Academy

The HFLA is our program with the primary goal of securing financial resources to offer children an outstanding academic education.

The Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA), is our program devoted to nurturing honest and compassionate leaders who will one day catalyze significant change across Africa. We've established a school that not only educates Africa's youth but also instills strong moral values to ensure a lasting impact.

Currently situated in a newly refurbished and renovated 14,000 square foot facility in Akatsi, Ghana, the academy's future home lies just outside the city on a 100-acre parcel. Though based in Ghana, the academy aspires to be a learning institute for the entire African continent.

The success of the Human Factor Leadership Academy hinges on the passion, skill, empathy, and dedication of its volunteers and financial partners. We have faith in Africa and its people, and we're committed to investing our resources in providing the children with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

50+ Staff

Our team comprises both teaching and non-teaching staff members who contribute to the success of our educational programs.

3,500+ Students

Since our founding, we have proudly offered educational opportunities to over 10,000 K-12 students.

Your Donations

Your contributions fund educational materials, instructor salaries, meals, and maintenance expenses.


Our Basic and High School Academic Programs provide students with an exceptional education, supported by the financial resources secured through our HFLA program.

  • We offer programs for students in grades K-12.
    Fine arts program: marching band, dance
    Athletic program: soccer, track, tennis
    Science program: physics, chemistry
    Business education program: economics
    Vocational program: Home economics
    HFLA offers scholarships for junior and senior high school
    Certificate programs


Our Global Study and Intern Programs offer individuals from around the world the opportunity to intern and gain valuable experience.

  • High school student scholarship program
    High school exchange programs
    University internship programs
    International exchange students
1 Campus

Presently located in a recently renovated and refurbished 14,000 square foot building in Akatsi, Ghana. More to come.

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